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Xbox 360 Goes Coin-Op [Arcade Cabinet]


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While the Xbox 360 arcade is ironically the least expensive version of 360, The Arcade Station T2 is the probably the most expensive...and it actually belongs in an arcade. Essentially an arcade cabinet housing an Xbox 360, the Arcade Station T2 features two controllers, memory card slots and system link gaming (which we're assuming means local multiplayer, not full LIVE access). Potentially bundled games could include Halo 3, FIFA 08, Assassins Creed and Devil May Cry 4, but players won't need to shove in more quarters every time Master Chief gets teabagged. This will be a pay-for-time unit.


Currently in testing overseas, the officially licensed cabinet should be available in the coming months. And if it only ditched those controllers for a couple of high performance joysticks, we might just be tempted to score one for home use.


Source: http://gizmodo.com/5042961/xbox-360-goes-coin+op

I would say its about time. However, I'm not too sure about how effective the "Pay per minute" sort of arcade cabinets are going to do. I also don't like how the only controls you can use are the XBOX 360 controllers. It would be nice to see a few arcade sticks on the cab. Otherwise, why don't I just go to a gaming store and play some 360 for free? It's just a bit pointless if there is nothing else different the arcade cab has to offer, as opposed to just playing it on the console itself. What are your thoughts on this and would you spend a few coins to play the 360 at the Arcade?

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