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uTorrent 1.8.1 beta build 11903 released

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BT client


After the rather bug-ridden 1.8 release, let's see what's changed.


It's that time again already.

We've worked around the NOD32 issue, but it's still a nasty bug in NOD32 2.5/7 and you should really not use IMON, as the issue could potentially affect any program.


The update tracker restriction has been relaxed when the announce fails. If the announce fails, you'll only have to wait 60 seconds to do manual update tracker again, instead of whatever the min interval actually was.


--- 2008-08-19: Version 1.8.1 beta (build 11903)

- Change: Allow custom seeding time maximums

- Fix: webui hashed password upgrade from

- Fix: resolve conflicts between .torrents in move complete path with .1.torrent etc

- Fix: crash with cancelling HTTPS requests


--- 2008-08-18: Version 1.8.1 beta (build 11882)

- Feature: 2x faster hashing

- Feature: Open Containing Folder for Files tab

- Change: sort torrents without ETA after torrents with infinity

- Change: remove "Download Limited" behaviour

- Change: turn sparse files off by default, due to fragmentation issues

- Change: relax min_interval restriction on manual updates to 60 seconds if the last tracker request failed

- Change: store hash of the webui password instead of plaintext

- Fix: force non-sparse with preallocate on

- Fix: 'hostname not found' on NT4

- Fix: slow load with lots of torrents that point to a dead/missing drive

- Fix: Some checkboxes overlapping others in the connection section of preferences

- Fix: work around NOD32 IMON bug (HTTP 400)

>> Get it HERE.

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