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PS1 Emulator for the PS2! (with use of HD)


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Useless :/



I wouldnt really say useless because alot of people have modded and chipped ps2s that would love to be able to boot your ps1 games off the hd like they do with their ps2 games. I have 45 games on my ps2 with hdloader and would LOVE to actually be able to put ps1 games on my hd also. Granted i would probably only play a couple games ever couple months or so, it would be nice to have

Except that this emulator is only useful for a few people; namely those you happen to have a PS2 with a HDD.



eh, i guess but the market is bigger than you may think. Offtopic, didnt somebody try to make a ps1 emulator for the xbox??


I agree with you cinder, a little visual upgrade would do many of those games very good

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