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bf's Engine PCE http://www.geocities.com/bonelyfish/cegg.html

darcNesCE H/PC NES http://www.imasy.or.jp/~ngs/

fmsxCE MSX http://www.imasy.or.jp/~ngs/

gnuboyCE Gameboy http://www.imasy.or.jp/~ngs/

nesCE H/PC NES http://www.imasy.or.jp/~ngs/emu/

FCE Ultra for PocketPC NES http://midori01.tripod.co.jp/index2.htm

M88/pocket PC-8801 http://www.aosoft.jp/

MameCE3 Multi Arcade http://www.mameworld.net/mamece3/

InfoNES NES http://mopeopage.hoops.ne.jp/

Pocket Atari Atari800 http://pocketatari.retrogames.com/

nester for PocketPC NES

PocketGenesis MD http://www.pocketemulator.com/

PocketSNES SNES http://www.bytecave.net/paqpark/

Pocket9801 PC-9801 http://www.iiiiii.net/yk/freesoft/pda.html

PocketColeco ColecoVision http://pocketvcs.emuunlim.com/coleco/coleco.html

PINA APPLE-II http://oldpc.jp/emu/

PocketClive ZX Spectrum http://pocketclive.emuunlim.com/

VZCE VZ/Laser 200 http://homepage.powerup.com.au/~intertek/vzce/

Vortendo NES http://www.totalemulation.net/retroemu/

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