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Xfire 1.95 Release

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Release notes for 1.95 July 21st, 2008


* Added the option in Tools | Options | Video to enable flashback, which maintains a buffer in memory of a few seconds of video as you play a game. When you press Scroll Lock + V to record a video, the video starts recording a few seconds in the past.

* Added a new encoded videos section to the Videos tab.

* Added a thumbtack to allow the chat room voice chat overlay in Xfire In-Game to be hidden.

* Added a self-mute button on chat windows for voice chats.

* Added a right-click menu item to mute other people in a group chat room

* Fixed many minor voice chat problems.

* Added ability to flag videos as only appropriate for adults.

* New games supported:

Crazy Machines 2 	Out of the Park Baseball 9 	The Sims 2 IKEA Home Stuff 	World of Kung Fu
Making History: The Calm and The Storm 	Freelanc3r 	Genleo: The Land of Eratica 	Seeds of Time Online
Oil Imperium 	Combat Arms 	Cardmaster Conflict 	Freedom Force
Ultimate Pimpin' 	Safari Photo Africa: Wild Earth 	Supreme Ruler 2020 	The Political Machine 2008
CS-Manager 	Devil May Cry 4 	Immune Attack 	Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now!
Panzer Elite



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