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Warhammer Online Content Slashed Before Launch

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Possibly. I'm not about to defend WoW, which I think is a pathetic game overall.


However, Warcraft III is one of the finest games ever made. You're really missing out if you don't give it a try.

I did give WCIII a try. Heck, i even finished the expansion. but that's it. Maybe I was playing it wrongly. Activate invicible cheat code, and only use the heroes to hack through the game :P

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Yeh that's not the way it should be played. Overall I don't like the campaign though. I think it ruins the delicate multiplayer balance of the sides.


It is kinda like playing Tekken, where all the enemies are big bosses like Nancy that overpower and outnumber you, and where you have to use very specific cheesy methods to win. It spoils the fun of the core game.

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