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Win2DS and DS2Win 0.82 Source


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well, i can honestly say: crap. i mean uhhh, thanks for the heads up on arguments, i was going to be passing the ip in 4 parts, plus 1 part for the port. now i know i will have to parse a single argument, that alone probably saved me a food 3 hours of "wtf?".


i'll probably get started on it by this weekend, i was so sure i could con you into doing this i started reading some starlet asm tutorials for the wii. so i guess thanks for saving me from THAT hell too :D hahaha.


i promise i will try not to, but if i run into any problems (specific to your code, not ds compiling in general i promise) would it be ok to PM you?


thanks again, it really is good loking code, you really couldnt have made it much easier *cough*COMMENTS*cough* for some jackarse to pick up where you stopped. my appluase, adulation, respect, and hats off to you sir. hopefully you take up this past time again for future ds projects.


Thanks! You can feel free to send me a PM if you need advice, can't promise when I'll be able to reply, but will check it every now and then!

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Join these boards just to make one comment:




after many unsuccessful attempts to use this program (my connection sucks with the ds. i dunno why) I'd wonder how the program would fare on the wii. it connects a bit easier, plus the features the wii can implement, such as infrared based cursor movement, would make a port of this program to the wii fantastic.


as soon as i heard about this app, and how it acts as a portal to the computer running whatever you want on it, i considered it to be once of the most ingenious concepts i've ever heard. instead of working with the power and limitation of a machine to run something, you can simply control anything else as if by proxy.


if this can be accomplished by any homebrew programmers (i know nothing about the language myself) then we could, in sense, run any program on the wii (comp emulators ftw) with the added controls of infrared controls (for fps action) or the imputs of the gamecube controller without any extra equipment.


make it happen!

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I have a problem.

I can make it run (Win2DS 0.82) normally with the program already executed, but when I try to compile the code (without modify anything) the exe file generated don't work...

I go trough all the screens until I select "virtual desktop" after that..the screens go black. Do I have to modify the code? the exe file onside the code folder don't work either

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Hi, I'm trying to compile the code, but devkitarm and libnds have overcome many changes, thus making this code obsolete.


I'm looking for devkitarm 0.23b and the corresponding ndslib, but I can't find them anywhere. Any help on this?

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