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  1. Hi, I'm trying to compile the code, but devkitarm and libnds have overcome many changes, thus making this code obsolete. I'm looking for devkitarm 0.23b and the corresponding ndslib, but I can't find them anywhere. Any help on this?
  2. Great, 1.01 works fantastic here. Expecting relative mouse movement! BTW what do you think of an option to quickly switch profiles? It could be using two buttons (profile+, profile-) or a single one cycling trough a max profile number set by the user. That would be a great way of having mouse movement and the touch buttons in a quick access mode. Also, any plans on adding support for keyboard combos?
  3. I happen to have the save behaviour, but it sets the key to R instead of none. It seems to have solved by itself now :S The only difference is that my NDS is powered off. BTW what I can't acomplish is the mouse movement, all works great, but my mouse won't move. What am I doing wrong? Maybe I have to set all mouse buttons to none? About mouse buttons, It would be great if we could toogle mouse buttons ON/OFF with a mapped button to toogle between mouse buttons and mouse movement (maybe this is already this way and when mouse movement works for me I'll understand...) EDIT: I guess I had to bind all mouse buttons to none to use the mouse movement. The numlock status also affects the other keys on the numbers 1, 3, 7, 9, 0 and dot, I hope you can workaround that.
  4. I'm having problems with the configuration file, it isn't saved right, it gets somehow corrupted. I dunno what are the first characters for, but the last 10 (gamepad setup) just misses the first key and a unknown key is added (ascii ΓΏ). I'm using ezIV lite deluxe and dldi patched the ds.gba version with the dldi file for slow sd cards. I corrected the file deleting the last byte and adding a dummy byte between the button config and the first characters on the ini file, and worked, but the next time I run ds2win it was messed up again. Also I can't seem able to change and store the config once the ini file is created, but for the behaviour above described it does actually save the ini file to the card. Any suggestions?
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