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Just noticed something this week...

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ehh.. I know it has been slow guys. I have been trying my post to reply as much as possible. However we lost a couple of posters temporarily. Some are ME!, DreamCastLover, Emsley, etc. They're on every now and then, but not posting that much as before. We all have busy lives, so I don't blame them. What I'm upset about it is all the Guests. No one is registering and also if they do.. only 1 post comes out of them. So it's been hectic to say the least, but we will find a solution hopefuly soon. :D

Yeah, I am sorry I haven't been on guys but I've been so busy with work and I was given an ultimatum by my gf to spend more time with her :) I should be on more often now though as work has eased off for now.


I was definitely surprised to see about 60 guests when I logged in though :D


Come on guests, register and talk to us!

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