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fMSX version 3.5.3 is a MSX emulator for PSP.


Get it HERE


New features in this version:


* Games/applications that require MSX Audio/MSX Music will no longer crash the emulator if either is disabled in System settings - there will simply be no Y2413/YM8950 audio

* ROM type settings are now saved between sessions - up to 500 different ROM’s can be tracked by CRC32 value


The second feature requires some experimentation, and I welcome any feedback you may have. As mentioned, the limit is 500 ROM’s - this is not counting the “auto-detect” ROM’s, for obvious reasons. The list is updated when ROM type is changed via the System menu - to remove an entry from the list, simply set ROM type to “auto-detect”.


Searching through the CRC values is done in linear time, when a ROM is actually loaded, but for 500 entries, this is not likely to take long (I’m not sure how long reading/writing these entries will take to memory stick, however).


The list is loaded from stick when the emulator starts up, stored in memory while the emulator runs, and saved back to stick when emulator is exited.

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