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GMAMEUI is a frontend for SDLMame that helps you run MAME on GNOME desktop, allowing you to run your arcade games quickly and easily.


Get it HERE


0.2.3 (released 22 June 2008) adds the following features:


* New GMAMEUI UI Preferences dialog, and preferences handling. Most preferences are now saved automatically as they changed (instant apply). The gmameui.ini file format has been changed, and the dirs.ini file will be made obsolete.

* Add support for OpenGL options, and corresponding Options dialog page (SourceForge feature request 1977184)

* Add support for -effect option (e.g. scanlines). Note that this is hard-coded to a set of pre-defined effects, and doesn't distinguish between available/unavailable effects. The effects .png files need to be placed in the artwork directory

* Various bug fixes and code cleanups

* Setup directory and build structure for Help

* New translations:

Italian translation (Ugo Viti)

Brazilian translation (Junix)

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