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Utopia Kernel for PSP - Open Source, Dedicated Homebrew Kernel in development

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This is from now-legendary PSP developer Mathieulh;


I spoke with Silverspring earlier, here what was decided:


- The utopia official forums will be hosted ammoung the lan.st forums.


- The public release of utopia has been decided and will take effect as soon as I find time to setup the svn and forum sections.


- Despite the project going public, the project is not done yet, thus you cannot (yet) compile a whole kernel from the soon to be supplied sources. We are looking forward seeing people contributing to complete the utopia project.


What we do not know about yet is if utopia will use GPL license or BSD but it is likely to be BSD.


The svn will be readable by everyone but only a few trusted people will be able to update it (so people do not start messing up with the svn by deleting changes or adding irreveliant ones). If you want to contribute to the utopia project you will have to send your code to the forums where it will be added by the staff to the svn later. People who often contribute to utopia will be granted write access to the svn as well.


About the utopia project, for people who do not know about it yet, it is to be an open source kernel for psp, dedicaced and optimised to homebrews. development. (the kernel is planned to use a little more than 1MB or ram, 2MB maximum)

The kernel is to be fully documented as well and is planned to be divided in 2 parts, one for developers (featuring tools for debugging and development purposes as well as an sdk) and one for homebrewers to run homebrews.


What Utopia wont do/wont feature:


- Utopia is not meant to run Sony's code, thus current homebrews or games wont run on it.

- Utopia will not feature UMD drive support of any kind.

- Utopia will not feature any kind of DRM functionalities (at least this is not planned)

- Utopia will most likely not feature any kirk engine support.

- Wlan is planned but not a priority at this point.

- No vsh or graphic interface of any kind is to be included in utopia or officially supported by the utopia project. Utopia is ONLY the kernel,

if you want to code your own shell on top of it, feel free to do so.


The utopia kernel is NOT based on Linux, freebsd or any other opensource project (unlike uClinux for exemple) , it is based on the 3.71 IPL reverse engeneering. (and later on existing kernel modules reverse)


Once completed and stable the utopia kernel is to be implemented as a new operative mode in future custom firmwares.



A new fully homebrew-oriented kernel for the PSP, that can be run out of future CFWs? Sounds very promising- who knows what kind of crazy apps will become possible on the PSP. I will be keeping an eye on this.


In other news, Dark_AleX's own 4.00 CFW will feature save-state support at any point in game. Currently he is just deciding whether to release this with the firmware proper, or as an optional plugin.



Source: http://lan.st/showpost.php?p=11148&postcount=18

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The Utopia Project sounds pretty cool. It sounds like could completely open up the PSP for all sorts of good stuff. I just hope they find some way to let us run our ISOs, though. I gotsta haves ma ISOs.


As for DAX's CFW 4.00, savestates seem like an awesome idea, but there's always the possibility that it could screw up your game somehow, so I'll be interested to see how that works out.

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