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firmware 3.95 downgrade

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Yep. You need to use a Pandora battery.


Go look that up and if you have any questions Ill be able to help you out. The readme in the thing you download is real easy to follow though.


I have a fat model btw..but also is there any other firmware i can safely install without that?

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Thanks everyone for your quick replies :clapping: To answer your question the psp is my gf's daughters and i'm not sure who updated it..My next question is will any emulator or os run w/o custom firmware or is there anything else unique or educational to do with it besides the usual?

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I have 3.95 firmware...

Tryed using everything I could get my Newbie hands on...

I was able to make a magic memory card...

But when i try to run the Pandora battery installer...

It wouldn't run and said the "unable to start game (8002014C)" error....


I'm stuck...

HELP!!!! :-P:D:thumbsup1:


If you could send step by step instructions from 0-hour to Completion to my email... I would love it!!!


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