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FB Alpha Released

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No non-unicode build this time. The VC builds don't work on Win9x (which is the main reason to use them) and I don't imagine many people use them anyway. If you want a non-unicode build then you can get the source and compile with MinGW.


Here's the what's new;


* Added a module to control the Taito IC chips in a more efficient way

* Added a module to do all the common Taito functions and tidied the drivers

* Rewrote the PC080SN and PC090OJ emulation adding support for row scroll, double width and other features

* Added tile banking support to the TC0100SCN emulation

* Added support for configurable bit-depths to the TC0100SCN emulation

* Added palette offset support to the TC0480SCP emulation

* Added driver for Darius

* Added Dead Connection, Dino Rex, Growl, Koshien, Liquid Kids, Mahjong Quest, Mega Blast, Metal Black, Ninja Kids, Solitary Fighter and various quiz games to the Taito F2 driver

* Rewrote the Operation Wolf, Rainbow Islands and Rastan drivers to support the new Taito IC module

* Added Jumping and the original versions of Operation Wolf to the Taito PC080SN & PC090OJ based driver

* Rewrote the Taito X driver to support the new Taito IC module

* Added Balloon Brothers, Gigandes and Last Striker to the Taito X driver

* Added iq_132s Dr. Tomy driver

* Added iq_132s Exed Exes driver

* Added proper screen clearing to the Hyper Pacman driver

* Fixed a small bug in the ClrMAME dat generation with missing quotes

* Matched all sets to MAME 0.125u2


You can download the new version here;



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What, we have to compile it ourselves? How lame, not many will bother with that.


Someone's already posted a binary on in the comments on Barry's site.

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