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Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

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Does anyone have one? And if so, would you give it a good review or a bad review? I hear a lot of people have problems with them...


The thing is just dead sexy and I am damn near tempted to buy one, considering what a pain the wired one is. I can also use it in Windows in theory, so what do people think?

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I've been wanting one too. but the cost versus bad reviews is keeping me away, I found a place that has them cheap, 30usd. so I may grab one next payday. the link to where I found em is


they sell used and new items with packaging damage. I ordered a controller from them as a test.

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I don't own one But I have used one.


It's not very comfortable to wear. If I moved my head at all it kept falling out. The people I was playing with kept saying that I sounded far away from the mic.


I wouldn't buy one

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