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The newest dswifi Lib test source code


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Hello, I have searched for a long time for the newest dswifi Lib test source code. I downloaded the .nds file from akkit.org but doesn't have a clue about how it works.


Could any of you be very kind to post an example here for the new hands here?





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It will eventually make it's way to a more accessable location, but for now the lib test source can be downloaded from:



Also, the other example project (wifi_example1) is at:



Have fun :D


Hi - I got the source from the above location and tried to build it using the latest devkitPro on Ubuntu. It build fine after I fixed a minor problem with the case sensitivity of the pathing to ASCII.bin in data. But - when I try this in both desmume-cli AND on my DS (using M3 DS Real card), it hangs at 'Waiting for ARM7 to init...'


Any idea of what I am doing wrong ? I'm going to try this on an early rev of devkitPro to see if it helps - but any other suggestions would be welcome before I debug through it.



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