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Need some advice on buying a 32" lcd t.v. for my bedroom


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What is the difference between a 60hz and a 100hz lcd t.v.?.

I want to buy and lcd t.v.

It's 32 inches.

I was told by the guy working in the store that with a 32" t.v. you wouldn't notice the difference if you had a 100hz or a 60hz set.

What is he on about?.And does the difference between a 60hz t.v. and a 100hz one change your gaming experience with your 360?.How about when watching movies?.All 4 have an in-built HD TUNER.


Ok i have a choice of 4.


All have a 3 year warranty.


Just don't know which brand is better.......


1) http://www.sharp.net.au/catalogue/products.asp?goto=LC32PD5X


2) http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/portal/page/...amp;mode=search


3) http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/portal/page/...amp;mode=search


4) http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/portal/page/...amp;mode=search

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You probably won't notice a difference with the two hz ratings. This is the monitors refresh rate, on a CRT if your refresh rate is too low it looks kinda flicker-ey and hurts your eyes, but on LCDs you don't really see any difference.


I would get the Samsung, it seems to have the best specs/features, If for some reason you can't get the Samsung, The Philips is pretty close.

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