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SSID broadcast and browser login


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So, my campus does not allow wireless routers, and the wireless they do have does not have ssid broadcast enabled. They also have an html login page before we can actually use the internet. Any clue how to get homebrew or regular games to work? From reading other posts it seems like I'm outta luck. Does anyone know how long it may take to get the non broadcast ssid working? Thanks,

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My sister's campus has the same thing. Apparently the login thing only applies to windows PCs, Thats at her campus.


Umm check if the console your using allows connecting with a BSSID(mac address)


Get a linux PC and use programs like Airodump or MDK3 to find the ESSID.

Backtrack has all the necessary programs on a live disk, you might want to check that out.

Airodump-ng(included with the aircrack-ng) can probe the ESSID if there are clients connected to the AP.

MDK3 allows you to bruteforce the ESSID.

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