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Hi guys im new here, I wanted to know how to get my ds to be recognized by the ds2key server. I have it opened on my pc, I ran the program from my ds, it connected to wifi fine. I have installed and configured ppjoy also. I really am not sure if I have my ip address right, it has a default of 192.168.1 something i cant find my ip because my run command on my pc opens but the results close right away for some reason. Anyway In summary, I have the .nds file in my ds, I configured ppjoy, I have the ds2key server on, what else do i need to do to make it work? thanks in advance.

edit: i got version 4 to run but i dont know how to set the d-pad to be the arrow keys\

Edit 2: yea i got v4 to run great so disregard this whole thing ...lol

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I hope you have an old Nintendo DS btw, most DS lights won't work -- sadly. I got it working before though, but I'm not using my old DS anymore because I lost the charger. But anyways, forward your ports like it asked you too. (Google it - on how to forward ports). It's vital to know your Computer's IP on lan to forward your ports and to connect to it using DS2Key. Try hitting your windows button (next to ctrl) - hit R ( for run ) - then press enter and try to see the last number of the first IP.


After port forwarding, run the server and run through your computer's IP on Lan and there you go.

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