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  1. There's no updated when there's one needed, and sadly no one can use it with the new Nintendo DS Lite. Is it discontinued? This project was a great experience for myself and other people.. Replaced with a DS Lite, some people are expected to move on with this great project out. DS Lite owners can not experience the DS2Key's power unless the WiFi lib is compiled for the DS Lite. If this could be simply "recompiled", than the project will be "complete". DS2Key offered alot, even configuring your own keys by simply replacing values. Yes, you can customize your own keys and it would be registere
  2. I hope you have an old Nintendo DS btw, most DS lights won't work -- sadly. I got it working before though, but I'm not using my old DS anymore because I lost the charger. But anyways, forward your ports like it asked you too. (Google it - on how to forward ports). It's vital to know your Computer's IP on lan to forward your ports and to connect to it using DS2Key. Try hitting your windows button (next to ctrl) - hit R ( for run ) - then press enter and try to see the last number of the first IP. After port forwarding, run the server and run through your computer's IP on Lan and there you g
  3. Yeah I did, and I found out how to remap the keys. Cool, got AIM? Oh and btw, I want to find out if there's key values to joypad keys instead of the keyboard keys.
  4. Okay, so the DS2Key maps it to actual letters and through the numpad. Is it possible to work as a normal joypad with actual joypad keys being hit instead of the keyboard? I use pinnacle game profiler (19.99!, Great deal if you own a 360/ps2 controller that connects to your computer!) which allows normal joypad keys to be mapped into the mouse, or the keyboard keys. But if the joypad is already mapped to keys, it almost makes pinnacle game profiler useless. I want to put it to use and it'd be easier to map keys as it's really organized. Also, it doesn't intervine with my normal keyboard s
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