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Help with Paper Mario


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Looks like you learned the hard way then. N64 are extremely sensitive to internal changes made by cheats. To the point where then can break your entire game, forcing you to start from the beginning.


I can't stress this enough.


While it's possible to recover from some unwanted effects caused by cheating, many break games completely even if they seems to work perfectly at first. Many cheats even linger after disabling the cheat since they can often leave traces in native saves as well.


As far as Paper Mario is concerned, did you happen to mess with the Badge Points cheat?

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haha, yep. damn, whatever i guess I'll start over. at least its an awesome game so I don't mind.




(I promise not to cheat anymore (at least on n64 roms))




I agree its really nice game. and I finished it with no cheats and it takes three weeks. I encountered with a problem during game play, is that the screen flickering . its start when I entered the toad town.

anyway nice game.


I have a save file from before I used the badge points cheat, will this save work?

before play make sure that you turn on all the memorypack on to your controller 1 2 3 and 4. it will help you to load and save game, the game will not even ask you ( insert the controller pack) for it before play.


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