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ISS from Playstation ONLINE! World Teams Patch 2008!


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Welcome! :clapping:


Do you remember soccer games from Konami for Playstation console? The last edition of this game was japanese version - Winning Eleven 2002 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2 in Europe). Now you can play ONLINE this game thanks to ePSXe emulator and kaillera server! We play japanese version - Winning Eleven 2002, because it's more stability than european version. This is proposition for people who are searching alternative for newest PES and Fifa. Maybe audio-visuality can't be compared with them, but it's main adventages are amazing gameplay, realism, physics and good quality of ONLINE playing which don't require super computer or strong internet connection :clapping:


Winning Eleven 2002 is very popular so it have many active players and now there are many Tournaments, Leagues, Rankings etc. There is also group of people always working for actualisations of the game! Some months ago new patch was added by Winning Eleven 2002 ONLINE polish site - www.WEOL.pl

The game include 63 nations from whole world, club teams and Polish first league. All teams, squads, attributes of footballers and shirts are actual for 2007/08 season! :lol:


You don't have to worry about how to start game from PSX and play it ONLINE on PC! :)

People working at actualisations created Automatic Installer. You will don't have to configure emulator, search for servers to play (there is polish server for WEOL players) and other problems.


Here you can find all things that you have to do after game install, to play Online/Offline:

How to play Online/Offline?


You can read about game and it's options here if you never play Konami games about football before:

Winning Eleven 2002 FAQ


Online game install with newest patch you can also find on www.WEOL.pl and download for free! :)


In WEOL site you can find our Ranking which is also available in english language. Everyone can join at any time. We have Leagues for the best payers and Tournaments in Forum Board.


These links will help you to find your place at Winning Eleven 2002 world.

You can't play Online without these links, I don't wanted to spam, but this game is intrinsically connected with these links. I hope that I bring that game closer to you, which despite of it's age don't lose popularity. It's even just the opposite.




Video with newest patch Winning Eleven 2002 Online created by WEOL:




See you on servers! :)



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