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Four Weeks of Street Fighter

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It's safe to say Street Fighter IV is a big deal. When you factor in the long wait since the last game in the series -- numbered or not -- and the new hardware introduced in recent years, the time feels right for a revival. And that's not us guessing -- the reaction to the recent teaser trailer was as strong as the Internet has seen in years.


And now we've got the exclusive first look at the game itself. Throughout December and into January, we've got major coverage plans for the game, starting with the EGM cover story hitting in December, and continuing online with retro features, companion stories, and much more. Ever wanted to know if Chun-Li's thighs are that large for a reason? We've got you covered.


So be sure to check back often -- this page will be updated frequently over the coming weeks with everything we've been able to find out about the new game, and a look back at where it came from. This one's gonna be big. - EGM/1Up.com


I know, I know, everyones heard the news already, but because you probably don't browse 1up, or even bother to read magazines anymore (lol) here it is. Inkysuace started up a thread for it and is usually updated with random stuff from the Capcom BBS. From rumors (Is it really between SFII & SFIII?) to character discussion (WTF, SIM?) to the removal of Parrying (Capcom = bastards). Join us as we join the rest of the internet in this joyce moment of kick assery.



I hope this crap also gets me on emulamo to boot.

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