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Unofficial Win2DS v0.8

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Win2DS *Unofficial* v0.8 Release by MonkeyNZ


December 11, 2007



Here's an early christmas present, will be releasing the code once I've made a few more changes and cleaned it up a bit.


This is an unofficial build of the Win2DS client and server, both the client and server have been updated

with new code to enhance the speed and quality of the service.





client - updated code to compile with devkitpro r21 and dswifi 0.3.4

client - optimised wifi code to greatly speed up throughput

client - can move zoom screen with keyboard active

keyboard - exit key now works correctly

keyboard - lower screen updates disabled to enhance keyboard responsiveness

server - mouse control now works perfectly with zoomed screen

server/client - increased accuracy of touch screen aligning with mouse pointer

server - changed scaling algorithm to halftone colors for much higher quality fullscreen image


Wifi Hints:



Dont use channels 0 or 1 as the wifi libraries have a weird bug which doesn't let these channels work

Source and Downloads (and read the Disclaimer!)


Thanks to monkeynz!

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