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3.51 M33 Custom FW Qustions

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Hello again everyone,


I have another ?. This time it is about the 3.51 M33 firmware. I have several ?'s regading the firmware Recovery Menu (Hold R while turning on the system). Some of them I know the answers to so I am not going to bother with those but there are alot of Menu options that I don't understand.


Starting with the first Menu Option is: Toggle USB I know that this enables you to have connection to your computer but what is the point while in recovery mode?


Next Menu Option Configuration When I click on this option I get several sub-options. The first one that I do not quite understand is Game Folder Homebrew My options are 3.51 kernel and 1.50 kenerel. I know that the 3.51 kernel is my firmware and the 1.50 kernel is so I could play Homebrew. What I don't understand is why can I switch between the two. I currently have it set to the 3.51 kernel. What happens if I set it to 1.50?


Autorun program at/PSP/GAME/BOOT/EBOOT.PBP is the next sub option under configuration. I currently have this Disabled. What does this option do and what hapens if I "Enable" it?


Use NO-UMD. I understand that this just means that I have the choice to either have a UMD in the drive so I can play ISO's off of my memory stick (Disabled) or NOT to have a UMD in the drive to play ISO's off of my MS. (Enabled) What I don't understand is that before I was able to play all my games WITHOUT haveing a UMD in the Drive. But until yesterday I was haveing trouble playing TMNT, The Simpsons Game and Diner Dash on my PSP. It took me a while but I decided to Disable the NO-UMD option and put a UMD in the drive and now I am able to play these games but only with a UMD in the drive. ALL the games that I have are ISO's except for a UMD Demo. I am sure glad that I picked up that Demo UMD :D. Can someone please explain this to me? :peopleseybrow:.


Fake Region To my understanding this is for Movies only and not for games. Am I correct on this? This option is currently "Disabled" This option gives me 5 choices: America, Russia New Zealand/Australia, Japan and Europe. If this option is not for movies then can someone please tell me what this option is for?


Free UMD Region Currently Disabled Is this option for Movies or is this for games?


Now that I am done with Configuration and all of its sub options, The next option under the main menu of Recovery Mode is Run program at /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP I do not understand what this option does. Can someone please explain this to me?


The Next option in the Main Menu is Advanced This has 3 sub options. The first one is Advanced Configuration and this also has 3 sub options. The first sub option of Advance Configuration is Plain modules in UMD/ISO Currently Disabled. What does this mean?


The second sub option is Execute BOOT.BIN in UMD/ISO Currently DISABLED. Please can someone explain this to me?


Last sub option in Advanced Configuration is Use isofs driver also in UMD-inserted mode

Currently DISABLED What does this mean?


Now going back to the origianl sub options of Advanced we go to the second sub option which is Toggle USB (flash0)


Finally the last sub option of Advanced is Toggle USB (flash1) I have NEVER clicked on these two options as I assume that these two options deal with flash and if I click on these two options I might get a brick. I just would like to know what thes options mean thanks.


Going back to the Main Menu of Recovery Mode the next option is CPU speed which has two sub options. The first option is Speed in XMB currently DEFAULT I know that XMB is the GUI of the PSP. There are four options. They are 222 266 300 and 333.


The last option under CPU speed is Speed in UMD/ISO This also has the same four options as

Speed in XMB This also is set to DEFAULT


I know all about plugins so the LAST option in the Main Menu of Recovery Mode is Registry Hacks This has three sub options I understand the first option so I will go to the last two options. The second one is Activate WMA What is WMA? And what happens if I activate it?

The last option under Registry Hacks is Activate Flash Player What is Flash Player and what happens if I activate this. Currently I have NOT clicked on either of these two options.


If anyone can explain these Recovery Mode Menu Options for me for the 3.51 M33 Custom FW I would really be grateful.


I do apologize for this being a LOOOONG post. But I don't know any of these answers and I thought that other people might have had the same questions.

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I'll answer a few of these, but I haven't had a PSP in awhile, and there are other people on this forum that can answer these better for you. There should be a Wiki or something on the internet though that answers all of these if you search for it.


Toggle USB - For Flash0/Flash1 - You can enable it in the recovery console to access the ROM of the PSP, This is useful if you want to customize your XMB (Icons/Waves/Sounds/Etc) For the regular Toggle USB one, If you added a flocked up add on file and your PSP won't boot or something, you could delete it/fix it by accessing it via recovery mode. Really its the same, its just for if it wont boot.


That recovery thing I THINK is supposed to be ran if anything goes wrong, I would have to see a screenshot or something because I can't totally remember.


That CPU Speed on XMB thing just adjusts the CPU speed from those settings you listed. The PSPs processor only runs as fast as it has to in most cases to save battery. This adjusts the speed in the XMB (In games its done automatically/emulators and apps usually give you the option too, this setting will NOT effect anything but the XMB) If you up the speed it might load faster/play movies better or something, but I wouldn't bother, I never had to use it, its just going to run your battery dead faster.


The Speed in UMD ISO is the same thing as above, but it applies to UMDs/ISOs. Up it if the games run slow, If they run fine, keep it the same, again, its just going to run your battery dead faster. (Plus I'm 99% sure its done automatically anyway with UMDs especially...I guess this is just to force it to a speed, you could possibly limit it to save battery)


The registry hacks are simple. WMA is Windows Media Audio, If you do that hack, Your PSP can now play .wma files. Thats all it does. Same thing with flash player. You must know what Flash Player is. Here is an example of a flash video.




You should enable it, almost all websites use flash in some form or another. If its a movie or just a button or something. With this disabled your web browsing is going to suck.

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