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  1. Hello again everyone, I have another ?. This time it is about the 3.51 M33 firmware. I have several ?'s regading the firmware Recovery Menu (Hold R while turning on the system). Some of them I know the answers to so I am not going to bother with those but there are alot of Menu options that I don't understand. Starting with the first Menu Option is: Toggle USB I know that this enables you to have connection to your computer but what is the point while in recovery mode? Next Menu Option Configuration When I click on this option I get several sub-options. The first one that I do not quite
  2. Hey Everyone, I have another question. Is there a website that tells you what firmware you need to play a certain PSP game.?
  3. Hello Everyone, I have been away for awhile due to work. (not like anyone has noticed LOL). I have a problem. I first of all would like to point out that what I need help with is kind of illegal. If this is the wrong thread or just flat out wrong I do apologize. I have a custom firmware on my psp. I have a fat psp with 3.51 M33 custom firmware on it. I am able to download psp games and play them on my psp. I have downloaded and tried to play The Simpsons game and Diner Dash and TMNT. None of them seem to want to play. I have over 30 games that I have downloaded and they all play fine. I am w
  4. Hey Darken how can I earn 1 EXP if I am dead. Which I am not as I have a Life Potion and restores me to life immediately I then whip out my Staff of Ages and cast a spell that sends you into oblivion. I forgot to say thank you to all for the welcome and to who ever called me a biatch can just kiss my ass. I am new and I looked for the introduction thread so I just thought that the Lounge would be as good of a place as any.
  5. Hello Everyone, My name is Dave. I found out about 1Emulation by pure accident and I am glad that I did. You see I had a problem with a game for the Playstation 1 and Agozer was right there to help me out. The game was Lunar Silver Star Story. I just beat that game for the millionth time this morning and I never get tired of the great story and graphics. In my opinion it is THE best RPG game ever created and probably will ever be made. I have played hundreds of RPG's and I have not found an equal. I am in to anything computer realted. I love movies and music and I love hacking codes for v
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