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Need a little help for a friend


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Hiya :peopleseybrow: I was hoping that some of you nuts would help me help a friend of mine that just bought a PSP.


Basically, what I need to know is:


What's the best downgrade software for 2.00 firmware (something up-to-date and completely idiot-proof is necessary).

He's pretty interested in playing "backups." What's the best solution for his ISOs?

Can this functionality be built into a custom firmware?


Thanks in advance. throwup3

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What he wants to do is get his unit running a Custom Firmware. Any is fine- I recommend 3.51 M33-6. To do this;



(1) Check if he has a TA-082 or later motherboard.

Use this image to tell. If it is, then you're going to need a copy of a game like Lumines. If not, you're set to go atm.



(2) Downgrade to 1.50.

If you don't have a TA-02 or later motherboard the easiest way for a 2.00 to do this is to upgrade to the official Sony firmware 2.71, and then run this 2.71 downgrader. The readme in it has pretty decent instructions.


If you do have a TA-082 or later motherboard, upgrade to official Sony Firmware 3.50, and run this 3.50 Downgrader. However for this version you will need an original / old version of Lumines that has not yet been patched. Your best bet would be, if you don't already have one, look for a used copy. There is a similar method using a GTA disc- use that if you have access to that game and not Lumines. Don't upgrade all the way to 3.50 if you plan on using the GTA one however.



(3) Upgrade to a custom firmware.

Once at 1.50, you can install any CFW. I suggest 3.51 M33. The instructions with CFWs are pretty self explanatory. If you go for 3.51 M33, make sure you get the M33-6 update afterward.



That should be it. You can play backups, PS1 games and homebrew once you get the CFW installed. Note you can use the Pandora Battery to downgrade any PSP of any version, but to set that up you'll need a separate homebrew-capable PSP already. It is a lesser hassle if you do have one however.

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I pretty much agree with BK, except for a few things.


- You don't have to upgrade to 2.71 to downgrade, since there are plenty of safe downgraders for 2.00.


- I know BK uses 3.51 to avoid FW bugs and whatnot, but I think it's safe to go to 3.52 M33-4 at least. I myself have had no problems on 3.71 M33-2.


And to BK: Is there a reason you use 3.51 M33-6 instead of 3.51 M33-7? :)

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Thanks. :)


@Mooney, any ideas for downgrade soft. for 2.00? I would really like to have the least amount of steps (again, idiot-proof).

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Thanks. :D


@Mooney, any ideas for downgrade soft. for 2.00? I would really like to have the least amount of steps (again, idiot-proof).

Sure, just use MPH's downgrader. You'll only need that file and a 1.50 update EBOOT and you're good to go (I used this downgrader on my first PSP after I mistakenly upgraded to 2.0). If you need any additional help, feel free to ask! (Or use Google. Google is good, too. :lol: )

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