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1emulation Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow Frag Squad registration


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I just bought a PSP. Its 3.03 so ive got to get me a copy of GTA:LCS in order to downgrade. When i accomplish this, then i will Join You guys.

GTA:LCS or Lumines. :)


Another fun online game is SOCOM FireTeam Bravo. It has voice chat. :o

Is it a different Downgrader for Lumines?? Or it should work the same?

There is a different downgrader. IIRC, the Lumines downgrader is for 3.50/3.11 only. Since you're on 3.03, a GTA:LCS downgrader should be just fine.


Also, I just started playing SF:LS yesterday, and I love it. Definitely in my top five for PSP games.

Ok thanks. Now my only problem is getting the right GTA:LCS :(

My brother has a copy, but its a greatest hits which upgrades to 2.6 instead of 2.0 :punk:

So when i do, expect me to Join u guys in SF =]

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