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Official PSP Firmware v3.70 Released


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An update to the PSP system software was released on September 11, 2007. With this update, the system software is version 3.70 and the following features will be updated.


Main features that are new or revised in version 3.70


* Custom Theme Settings


You can now set a custom theme under [Theme Settings]. The Home Menu colour background or icon design can be changed, based on the theme that is selected.


* Scene Search


You can now search for a scene when playing a movie that is saved on a Memory Stick Duo media.


You can select and play the scene you want to see from a thumbnail image. This is convenient when you want to quickly play only a specific scene.


* Viewing a slideshow while listening to music


Simultaneous playback of content under Music and Photo is now supported.


You can enjoy viewing a slideshow of your favorite photographs while listening to music.


Other new or revised features in version 3.70




* [Assign Buttons] has been added to the [Remote Play] menu.




* Sequential playback of videos that are saved on the Memory Stick Duo media is now supported.

Source and Downloads: uk.playstation.com


As usual, if you want to use homebrew, DO NOT UPDATE. If you don't mind being restricted to UMD games, go right ahead and update.

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I haven't heard anything, but I don't think Sony can do much to block it, unless they change the order of the checks and processes the PSP does when it boots up... :wub:

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