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Comic Book DS v3.0 released


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# 3.0 (09/09/2007):


* New: WIFI mode created. The books from http://cbds.free.fr/ can be consulted directly on the DS thanks to the WIFI connexion.

(The next big images are downloaded in background while viewing the current ones).

* New: New look of the different screens (many thanks to FA for this nice design)

* New: Theme support: Sounds, Colors, Backgrounds, Icons and Sprites can be changed. All the theme content is placed in the "/cbds/Theme" folder.

* New: Quicker file scan (new restriction : all .cbds, .ini and theme files must be placed in the "cbds" root folder. Sub-folders are still handled).

* New: Improved change page trigger (using the one key navigation feature) : instead of an exact page side match, an average is used (1/3 of the visible area by default), to trigger or not a page change.

* New: Display of a notification icon before a page change. A second key press is then now necessary (this feature can be deactivated in .ini file).

* New: More configuration available in ini file (avoid blinking, initial brightness, scrollincrementX,scrollincrementY,start key configurable ...).

* New: Slightly better reactivity , preempting and error handling. Small bug fixes and improvements.

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