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Universal Popsloader released


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Alongside the announcement of custom firmware 3.60 M33 for the PSP Slim and Lite, Team M33 have released a universal popsloader which is backwards compatible with all previous pops (PSP PSone emulator) versions.


Popsloader with support for all pops!


New in this version:


- Added the remaining pops: 3.00-3.03


These pops require the following modules: kd/meaudio.prx kd/popsman.prx kd/pops.prx and

vsh/module/pafmini.prx. As always, they go in seplugins/popsloader directory with the naming

meaudio3xx.prx, popsman3xx.prx etc.


- Added compatibility between savedata <= 3.30 and those of 3.40 and higher.


The thing works like this: If you have been playing in for example 3.52 pops, and then you

select a pops from 3.00-3.30, popsloader will automatically convert the savedata into the old format.


The reverse operation, from old format to new format, will be done by Sony code with a confirmation dialog.


popsloader plugin work in 3.51 M33, 3.52 M33 and….. 3.60 M33 for PSP slim. Coming soon.


M33 Team.

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