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PSP Slim & Lite Hands-On

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The good people over at PSP Fanboy have compiled a new hands-on article about a retail PSP Slim & Lite. The most interesting parts concern some dismal confirmations about the TV-out feature;


I heard that when you output games to your HDTV (through component), the picture is framed. Is it true?




Yes it is true. On our 61" TV, the image produced by the PSP was 42" on our TV. That means, in diagonal terms, less than 70% of your screen will be devoted to the game. The XMB, however, will appear in full screen, as will movies and everything else accessed from there:




The image quality of games is particularly impressive. Ignoring the somewhat significant borders, the games we played looked like they were being output by a PS2. Movies, on the other hand, fared worse. Our Spider-man 2 UMD looked good, but didn't match the quality of a properly upscaled DVD running on the PS3.



Check out the full article here.


In other news our friend 0okm has reported his hands on account of the new unit and plans to dismantle one himself, just for our viewing pleasure. Check his blog for the details.

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