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Looking to get the PSP Slim... but want emulation...

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PSP Emulation seems to be a real b1tch, and it seems in between upgrading, downgrading and bricking are really scaring me....


Question is, since this will be the latest version of the PSP would i probably have to wait an extremely long time until they unlock to play emulated games?


also i assume you can play MAIM,neogeo, snes, Nes and genesis games on it correct?

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It might not be that long- the internals of the new machine aren't so far removed that exploits won't be possible. However the universal downgrading / unbricking batteries don't work on the new unit.


As for emulators, there are NeoGeo, SNES, NES and Genesis emulators but 'MAIM' emulation is very very poor.

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