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The new site...

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Alright.. A few things..


1. i can't read the main page's news.. i have my screen at 800x600 and all your news messages on the main screen scroll off the edge, and there is no scrollbar.


2. I can't change the title of my thread anymore where i've been updating my downloads. I've been waiting patiently, hoping that would be changed soon, but...


3. This site keeps crashing my IE. every 10 minutes or so, it'll just BOOM, and i'm at my desktop.


Very disappointing to see this place has degraded so badly..

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Yikes... alrighty I am gonna remove this skin soon.


Do this for me..


1) click: USER CP

2) Then under options click: Skin and Languages

3) Select the skin: InVision Power Board

4) Click Change My Account Settings


You should now browse the site fine. Looks like this skin is causing too many problems. :lol:

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