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Strange audio driver problem


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So here's the deal, my sister's boyfriend installed Avast Virus Scanner on her PC (after removing Symantec's Antivirus (Corporate / 10.x)) and her sound stopped working. So I started looking and tried reinstalling her sound drivers Realtek AC'97. Her PC reset every time it started to finalize the installation. :S Weird.

So I completely disabled that sound card (It's integrated), and installed a Creative one that I had laying around. No cigar, still giving 'Device not working' error (or something like that). :S

So I made a guess and decided to try a fresh windows install, on a different HDD I had laying around, and the sound works. The main problem is, I really don't want to have to deal with re-installing/transferring all of her crap, into a new install (I'm not letting her keep that HDD), and having to help her set everything up.


I guess I could try uninstalling Avast's Antivirus, but in case that doesn't work, does anyone else have any suggestions?

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I'd try disabling Avast and seeing if the soundcard will work. Most (If not all now) Virus Scanners have a resident scanner running at all times (Resident Shield in AVG, Auto-Protect in NAV....dunno what Avast's is, but disable it if you can). Might be something like Heuristics keeping the driver from initializing.

If the soundcard works while Avast is disabled, I'd suggest informing Avast and seeing if a fix is possible. If not, get AVG or something else you feel comfortable with.

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