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DSCompress v1.0 released

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DSCompress is a GZip compression front end for the Nintendo DS. It uses the latest libfat, so it

should be compatible with any homebrew compatible flashcard.




Select a file in the browser, and press A to compress.

Select a file ending in .gz in the browser, and press A to decompress.

Select a directory in the browser, and press A to enter it.

Select '..' in the browser, or press B, to go up a directory.




The Nintendo DS's ARM9 runs at about 60Mhz. The Nintendo DS has 4Mb of RAM.

Because of this, compression and decompression of large files is slow. The

application should be pretty fault tolerant, but I am not responsible if it

eats your file system, flash card, DS, home, loved ones, and soul. Use at

your own risk.


Known Issues


The progress indicator is inacurate, particularly on large files and decompression.

Source and Downloads: GVPF release thread

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