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PSP Firmware 3.40* LE v2 by Team Wildc*rd released

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This can only be run from 3.40* LE (the original version of 3.40*).


Fixed in this version:

* Removed non-functional File Manager option in the Recovery menu

* In recovery, detects ms0:/PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP and only launches it if it exists

* Fixed problems that kept UMDs from loading properly

* Added support for %__SCE__/__SCE__ homebrew naming style

* Re-enabled the use of GAME150 and GAME340, though you *DO NOT* need them.


This still isn't what we'd like to call a "proper" release because it's just bugfixes to a rushed release, but it's much better than the first one!


A note to anyone having problems with the PSP not starting after you install; go into Recovery and disable all of your plugins. It's a problem with our plugin system, we're sorry :'( We'll fix it in a new flasher soon.

Source and Downloads: MaxConsole release thread

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