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Dreamcast ISO help

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I got a Dreamcast game and i think it's a ISO ....but there's a problem, it says....SONIC.ECH so what do i do to make to work. also i got a game that's a .bin file what do i do with it....like is it possible for me to burn it onto a Disc to make it work on my Dreamcast or no? Also I need some discs that are BIGGER then 700mb (cd-r) because some of the games are like 780mb and so forth thanks

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.BIN file is a CD image type and you usually need a CUE file to go with it. These are not selfboot images.


The ECH file. I don't know. Either ECHELON decided to pull a prank and change the extension of their release to ECH, who knows. If renaming the file extesion to ISO or BIN does not work, then the file in question is not a complete CD image.


There are 800MB and 900MB CD-R discs on the market, you know.

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