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DS2key, possible to change mapped letters -> joypad keys?


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Okay, so the DS2Key maps it to actual letters and through the numpad.

Is it possible to work as a normal joypad with actual joypad keys being hit instead of the keyboard?



I use pinnacle game profiler (19.99!, Great deal if you own a 360/ps2 controller that connects to your computer!) which allows normal joypad keys to be mapped into the mouse, or the keyboard keys.

But if the joypad is already mapped to keys, it almost makes pinnacle game profiler useless.


I want to put it to use and it'd be easier to map keys as it's really organized. Also, it doesn't intervine with my normal keyboard setup for games if you're actually able to map the joypad key into letters.


Is there a setup or anything easily editable config file to where the DS maps the keys and all you do is just change the value of the key thats being mapped or something?


However, not much games accept joypad keys to be used such as maplestory and it gets annoying if you would have to change your keys to abyx instead of using pinnacle's software to map your joypad keys that can map to any letter, allowing you to leave the normal keys alone.

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