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PSP Custom Firmware 3.51 M33-7 Update Released

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Another update to M33's eponymous PSP Custom Firmware; 3.51 M33-7.


* Improvements in M33 NO-UMD driver (yeah, we know that sony one is better, but we still are working

on our own driver to make it perfect as a challenge). The improvements:

- Fixed a bug that caused incompatibility with ATV Offroad Fury Pro, Steel Horizons,

Tony Hawk's Project 8 and probably more games.

- Speed loading has improved, now M33 driver imitates better Sony one.


* Automatic display fix for ta-082+ with brightness problems in 1.50 kernel.

- M33 will autodetect ta-082+ with brightness problems, and will correct brightness properly.


* Wlan fix is now done differently, patch is done in 3.51 kernel before going to 1.50 one.

- For those that don't read well the readmes: we never would include in our files a sony prx!

The fix was and is done simply with code. The 3.40 mention was to notice that the problem

was not a M33 bug, but a problem caused by Sony.


* 4th level of brighrness enabled on 1.5 kernel too now.


* An option has been added to recovery, "Hard Reset on 1.50 homebrew". Use this, only if the wifi

fix doesn't work with your psp still. It makes homebrew boot a bit slower.


- M33


Yes, you can still BRICK your PSP if you do not properly follow instructions with this update so be warned.






Source: PSPx.ru.

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