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PSP CFW 3.51 M33-6 Update Released - Experimental Sony ISO Driver Included!

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M33 is on a roll with their updates to PSP Custom Firmware 3.51 M33. This latest update adds preliminary implementation of that pesky Sony prx, NP9660, which would in theory allow for perfect No-UMD ISO-loading compatibility.


CFW 3.51 M33-6 changelog:


* This update introduces a new no-UMD more: the famous Sony np9660

* The compatibility of this mode is not yet known, let's hope Sony codes well

* Remember to choose "Sony NP9660" in recovery to use this new mode

On another interesting note, the M33 team had this to say about the recent IE and LE CFW expansions by becus25 and Test30 respectively;


To the attention of becus25 and Test30: Please do not do any of your releases based from our firmwares. You steal and change name but contribute a tiny 20-line plugin. You are a shame for PSP development!

This, like all previous updates, can be installed over any existing version of 3.51 M33. Chances of BRICKING if instructions are not followed to the letter are still present.






Source: PSPx.ru

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