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PSP Custom Firmware 3.51 LE-A Update 1 Released

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Test30 is back at it with an update of his PSP Custom Firmware titled 3.51 Lite Edition - A - Update 1.


The CFW Expansion 3.51 Lite Edition - A - Update 1


this Custom FW is updated from an M33 (first they have to install

the FW 3.51 M33)





*The installer and unistaller of the expansion is more stable(is 99% stable).

*Support all the updates of the M33(m33,m33-3,m33-4,m33-5 and futures updates).

*Fixed some bug without importance.





*First need the FW 3.51 M33

*Later copy the Folder 351leflasher and paste in GAME150

*Initiates the Installation

*and Done!! now this one in CFW 3.51 LE-A!!!





*Copy the Folder LEuninstaller and paste in folder GAME150

*Initiates the Aplication

*Done now again in FW 3.51 M33


RECOMMEND:if you go installer a update of the M33 first install and later install the CFW Expansion 3.51 LE-A Update 1.


This runs the risk of a BRICKED PSP. You have been warned.






Source: Test30's site.

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