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PSP Custom Firmware 3.51 M33-4 Update Released

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Latest in the flurry of PSP Custom Firmware releases is 3.51 M33-4 by Russian team M33. It provides No-UMD and plug-in compatibility updates.


This is an accumulative update, it has the features of previous updates (wlan fix, no umd), plus:


1. Bugfix for the released yesterday no-umd. This should fix the exit to the XMB with error 80020001

that happened to some people, or reduce its appearance.


2. Added plugins options for homebrew that use 1.50 kernel. The file to be used for it,

is ms0:/seplugins/game150.txt.


There is other bugfix, but we don't know if it will make much difference in compatibility.


In order to make compatibility tests, please remember that your ISO shouldn't be more than 54 chars.


- M33

This is an update to 3.51 M33, so you'll need to be running any version of that CFW to install. As always, there is a risk of BRICKING your PSP when using this software incorrectly.






Source: PSP-Generation.

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