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PSP Custom Firmware 3.51 LE-A Released

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Test30 is back with a new PSP Custom Firmware version - 3.51 Lite Edition A.




* Added Dump of BOOT.BIN(UMD)

* Added Dump of Flash in rom(Lower of 16MB)

* Added the option of run program at PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP(this option no is same of powerful what of the M33 but can load the 90% of the Eboot but no can load the special prx of the recovery of OE and M33)

* Fixed some bug

* The recovery of FW 3.51 M33 have the patch of NO-UMD




* First need the FW 3.51 M33

* Later copy the Folder 351leflasher and paste in GAME150

* Initiates the Installation

* And Done!! now this one in CFW 3.51 LE-A!!!




* Copy the Folder LEuninstaller and paste in folder GAME150

* Initiates the Application

* Done now again in FW 3.51 M33

3.51 LE-A is an expansion to 3.51 M33, so make sure you have that installed first. As with all CFWs installation involves a slight risk to BRICK your PSP. Use with caution.






Source: Test30's site.

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