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Welcome To 1Emulation.com v2.0

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Well I finally just decided to switch to Invision Board. But this time I went in style. Now with a vBulletin skin, it completely revamps the same old Invision Board template. We also now have the long requested "Quick Reply" feature (just click on the button Fast Reply on the bottom of a thread and a window will instantly open) and also moderators get their own Mod CP finally. Invision Board also includes post icons and much more advanced features. Also we are now immune to the latest bugs effecting phpBB. Post Icons is another new feature added to our board.. along with Topic Descriptions. I hope you enjoy v2.0 of 1Emulation.com!


NOTE: If you registered with the forum we had before, you can still login to this forum and all of your settings will still be there!


PS: We already know that some smilies are not working. We will fix the problem soon. Also if you are having problems logging in, please email us at: gamecop@1emulation.tk so we can fix it. Lastly some of the bbcodes that we had with phpBB were removed because of security exploits it could envolve.

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