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MAME 0.116u4 Released!

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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed


kinst0116u3gra [Zsolt Vasvari]




Source Changes


Changed system1 driver back to using SN7489A. [Lord Nightmare]


Fixed the road graphics, fixed the rest of the missing gfx, added

collision detection, and added save states to the changela driver.

Also fixed the colors. [Adam Bousley]


Changed all drivers to use the mame_timer_* calls. Deprecated the

old double-based timer calls. [Zsolt Vasvari]


Changes the last few instances of rand() to mame_rand() and added a

#define to prevent it from being used again. [Zsolt Vasvari]


Made many of the static info_list*() functions in clifront.c public.

[Dave Dribin]


Fixed regression crashes in maxaflex.c, megadriv.c, monzagp.c,

tetriunk.c, and gticlub.c. [Atari Ace]


Some more TIA graphics and sound improvements: [Wilbert Pol]

- INPT4 and INPT5 are now read when needed instead of by a timed

function. This removes the need for the tia_init_pal function.

- Improved handling of the HMOVE functionality

- Added code to reduce the flickering caused by some Atari 2600 games

- Improved the sound poly generation.

- Improved the handling of POLY5_DIV3 sound mode.


Updated djboy driver: [Phil Stroffolino]

- support for djboyj; same MCU, but ROM banking bits need to be XOR'd

- fixed state handling for game over/win transitions

- fixes for dipswitches

- added coinage support


Fixed a few places where driver code was not properly hooked up.

Most cases were benign, but in a couple of instances, save state

support was disconnected, and in one case it fixes a potential crash.

[Atari Ace]


Fixed regression in Space Raider. [Zsolt Vasvari]


Improved frameskip behavior in the Gaelco 3d driver. [couriersud]


Fixed palette regression in warpwarp/geebee. [Atari Ace]


Added support to chdman to cope with toc files created with cue2toc.



CPS3 updates: [David Haywood, ElSemi]

- Corrected Clock speed, used idle skipping instead of reducing the

clock speed.

- Optimized some GFX functions. It now only decodes RAM based tiles

when it needs to draw them, not every single time the data changes

- Added support for CD flashing

- Added support for alternate BIOS sets

- Changed code to use a custom render function


Found a number of additional encrypted opcodes for gussun. [robiza]


Simplified the internal handling of BIOS sets. Instead of there being

an extra structure, the BIOS information is now embedded in the ROM

definition for each BIOS. [Atari Ace]


Fixed 2nd player inputs in Millipede. [Mike Haaland]


Fixed crash in evilngt due to missing CD image. [R. Belmont]


Fixed crash in cfarm/cclown due to out-of-bounds parameter.

[R. Belmont]


Added stricter checking in cdrom.c to prevent crashes in games when

no CD-ROM is present. [R. Belmont]


Fixed regressions in dkongjr and pestplce due to incorrect memory map

and rendering too many sprites. [couriersud]


Fixed SUBTARGET=tiny builds. [neoforma]


Hooked up P1 joystick inputs for P2 in Upright mode in a number of

black & white 8080 games. Removed cocktail settings for games where

it is not appropriate. Enabled dual player game in spclaser.

[Mike Haaland]


x64 compilation fixes: [Oliver Stoneberg]

- some VS2005 x64 warning fixes

- enables the x64 porting warnings in VS2005

- adds win_create_window_ex_utf8() to get rid of some

tstring_from_utf8() usage

- removed win_extract_icon_utf8()


Improved color decoding in Irem M62 games. [Zsolt Vasvari]


Synchronized MAME and AGEMAME versions of the MPU4 code. Improved

Connect4 layout. Simplified much of the code.

[James Wallace, Atari Ace]


Improved the 6532riot timer implementation. Implemented irq callback

support. [Wilbert Pol]


Updates to the minx CPU core: [Wilbert Pol]

- Fixed TEST (94,95,96, and 97) instructions.

- Fixed 2 MOV instructions (BE and BF).

- Fixed one AND instruction (DC).


Simplified interrupt handling in the z80gb core. [Wilbert Pol]


Hooked up lamps in Afterburner 2 driver. [Zsolt Vasvari]


Fixed missing sound in PGM games. [Zsolt Vasvari]


Fixed Millipede sprites in cocktail mode. [Mike Haaland]


Fixed behavior of the RC filter in ddrible and ironhors. [couriersud]


Added wrap around x for sprites in the m92 driver.

[Pierpaolo Prazzoli]




New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status


Change Lanes [Adam Bousley]

DJ Boy [Phil Stroffolino]




New clones added


B.Rap Boys (World) [brian Troha]




New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING


Final Godori [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]





Thanks to f00l for the for the tip. :(

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