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More CPS3 Progress


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CPS3 More Progress


I fixed a few problems (broken fastboot hacks are bad mmmk) and Warzard now has sprites, and the Sprite positions in the other games seem more correct.


The zoom isn’t emulated on the sprites yet, hence the bad looking ones on the first shot in the backgrond.


Check the link for screenshots.



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Seems the source for the CPS3 stuff was made available & someone's compiled a Mame32 with the drivers in and stuck it up at the following links






I haven't tried it so I don't know what its like, just saw it mentioned in the ElSemi WIP thread by [MaD] & figured it may be worth mentioning


edit OK I've tried it now and considering the early status of the drivers the Streetfighter's run very well, JoJo seemed OK as well but I preffered trying the SF's

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