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CPS-3 ElSemi Sprite WIP


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Just in case anyone's interested, haze has released his WIP mame code


I take it the only way to use this is if you know how to recompile MAME?


Yah. It's not all that hard if you've got everything set up- the process is pretty thoroughly documented. Still I'm not gonna go and get all the tools all over again just for WIP stuff. The screenshots say enough. Now if it was a playable driver that was being added... that would be another story...

Theres a couple of links here to a Mame32 with CPS3 stuff enabled, runs SF III quite nicely, though the colours are messed up of course, if you cant wait for some CPS3 action have at it chaps

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Looks like some previously unknown sets have shown up for CPS-3 :naughty:


SFIII3 - 99/06/08 (older set is 99/05/12)

JoJo - 99/01/08 (older set is 98/12/02)


2 newer revisions have appeared and will (eventually) be supported as the parent sets.


(note, revisions aren’t region specific, they work with any region bios)

I guess the 3s set would be NewType and JoJo to be the 1.2 revision.

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