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need help for zelda OOT on project 64 asap :)

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im sorry if this is in the wrong section.




i would be much obliged if some one could please give me the keyboard commands for the 3 yellow buttons ( see image above ) please help me as ive been searching for a copy of this game for 4/5 years as i never completed it as a kid and now i have i just need the key commands for those three buttons :banghead: please help me

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you probably already seen it but default is


C up is "home"

C down is End

C left is Delete

C right is Page Down


My Zelda OoT is perfect except for one thing. I cant see the hearts their just black squares and i cant see how a song goes when its playing

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! also when i get an item i really dont get it it says i still have 0

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Your graphics hardware doesn't meet the requirements. It could also be a bad rom.


So, what are your computer specs?


I have no idea .Its a pretty old and jacked up computer though but it does play most stuff

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Start --> Run, type dxdiag, Enter.


Name: Intel® 82810 Graphics controller


Manufacturer: Intel Corporation


Chip Type: Intel810


DAC Type:Internal


Approx Total Mem:4.0 MB


Current Display Mode: 1024x768(16 Bit) (75HZ)


Monitor: Plug and Play Monitor

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