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need help man i download the digimon world english but when i save the game it said have error data could not be written...and it struck and i try many time but just cannot save the game,help me plz

If you had bothered to read some of the topics made earlier, you would already know that you must change the savetype in No$Gba's settings to whatever the game is expecting.

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It is a FULLY working DS emulator, I am having trouble on 1 part though. I am playing the new pokemon (diamond) and as soon as I go to battle my "Rival" guy that I chose from the beginning, I kill his Starly and the game freezes and won't keep going.


My guess is because that to determine which pokemon he has, it has to determine which one I chose at the beginning and screws up some where around there.


If anyone could help, much appreciated!


is the sound on cuz if it isn't then the game will freeze at the of battle and if you another error saying microwave failure then you can just turn the sound off and turn it on only to pass battle.

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